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[aprssig] Packet Node on 144.390 ?

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Sat Sep 9 14:07:54 UTC 2006

At 01:43 PM 9/8/2006, William McKeehan wrote:
>What is the general concensus about having a packet node on 144.390?

         Don't do it!  It just gets in the way of APRS, which is about the 
only thing we should support on 144.39.

         We had a similar discussion several years ago, here's what I have 
from back then.  Maybe I was confused, but I think there are some "nodes" 
out there already, and then there is some confusion over just what is a 
"node" and what is a "digi".  If we can get back to using the proper terms, 
we'll go a long ways in getting actual "nodes" off of 144.39.

         7 3

At 08:41 PM 9/15/2003, Earl Needham wrote:
>At 05:18 PM 9/15/2003 -0700, Spider wrote:
>>From: "Bob Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu>
>> > The APRSdos DIGIS.TXT file recommends a local (direct) packet every 10
>> > minutes so that local users (or visitors, or whatever scenario develops)
>> > never have to wait long to be updated.  Beyond that we figured a single
>> > WIDE hop once every 30 minutes or so, and then maybe a WIDE3-3 once every
>> > few hours just so that 24/7 stations would get an awareness of the network
>> > in adjacent areas.
>> >
>> > Anything more than something like that is just QRM.
>> > bob
>> >
>>Then how come the majority of Node owners do not understand this or comply
>>to this thinking?
>         Uh -- why are there nodes on 144.39 when APRS is for UNconnected 
> packets?
>         Earl

At 09:41 PM 9/15/2003, Earl Needham wrote:
>At 08:27 PM 9/15/2003 -0700, Spider wrote:
>>"Hey IC, looky here!  I show 5 nodes on the map!"  You think he'd care?
>         Let me ask again -- what purpose do nodes serve in a network that 
> is all UNCONNECTED packets???
>         Thanks,
>         Earl

At 06:57 AM 9/16/2003, Earl Needham wrote:
>At 05:36 AM 9/16/2003 -0700, Spider wrote:
>>What are being called  nodes, are actually DIGI's in mode cases.  I see on
>>my map 12 nodes in my surrounding area.  They are all DIGI's as they do not
>>have any 'network' interface what-so-ever!
>         Here's something to look at -- I connected to the KPC-3 in my 
> truck and got a node listing.  I suspect you might get similar results 
> anywhere in the country.  I think two things are happening.  First, 
> people are say9ng "node" when they mean "digi".  But second, I think 
> there are quite a few nodes out there, too.
>>cmd:c truck
>>ENTER COMMAND: B,C,J,N, or Help ?
>>N L
>>W4EBM-7*   (N7UG-1)    06/20/03 07:28:01
>>  VIA *N4WYK-2,WIDE4-1
>>WIDE4*     (W4UNC)     06/20/03 10:42:38
>>  VIA K4EG,WX4GSO-9,*N4VDE-3
>>RELAY*     (N4EVA-13)  06/20/03 10:56:39
>>GIU7*      (WAdGIU)    06/20/03 18:01:26
>>  VIA W4AP-8,*AB4KN-2,WIDE5-2
>>REO1IN*    (KB9EMW)    06/21/03 05:01:23
>>  VIA *AA9MM-10,WIDE4
>>GIU7       (WA4GIU)    06/21/03 06:09:18
>>  VIA WIDE5-2
>>N5SKU-7*   (N5SKU)     06/23/03 05:35:00
>>  VIA *K5QBM-2,WIDE3
>>FTKTEL*    (KD5FTK)    06/23/03 05:54:16
>>RELAY*     (W5RRR-7)   06/23/03 06:39:34
>>  VIA AI5TX-2,*WR5AAA-6
>>*W5PDO-7*  (W5PDO-1)   06/26/03 01:13:56
>>  VIA W5DIG-4,*W5DIG-12
>>RELAY      (W5GB-2)    06/27/03 02:53:03
>>ENTER COMMAND: B,C,J,N, or Help ?

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