[aprssig] Recommended IGate Connection

Joel Maslak jmaslak-aprs at antelope.net
Sun Sep 10 23:08:51 CDT 2006

I'm running an IGate for a relatively small geographic area (transmit  
path of WIDE2-1, considering shortening even more to one specific  
named WIDE).

Right now, I use aprsd (2.2.5 I think).  I'm using the following to  
connect to the internet stream in the aprsd.conf:

Server rotate.aprs.net 23 hub-sr

I'm not sure I'm using the prefered port (or other options for that  

What's the current recommendations for systems like mine?  I want to  
support message traffic to my local RF users, but less bandwidth for  
the upstream server would be a good thing if it doesn't impact my  
local users.

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