[aprssig] Recommended IGate Connection

Eric Goforth eric at goforthtech.com
Sun Sep 10 23:12:53 CDT 2006

Hi Joel;

If all you want to do is message traffic, i would connect to the Message only port of the server.  If you are also wanting to do position reports then you have to consider how much traffic your network connection (or how much you willing to give up) can handle.  Port 23 is the entire network, world-wide.  That's a lot.  If you think your users would apprecieate getting msg traffic from Africa (for example), then you kind of have to do that.  However, I have my iGate only connecting to North America traffic only and it serves my community very well.

Just my opinion and I'm sure your going to get a lot of them here..  ;-)

Eric J. Goforth, N6GOF

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I'm running an IGate for a relatively small geographic area (transmit  
path of WIDE2-1, considering shortening even more to one specific  
named WIDE).

Right now, I use aprsd (2.2.5 I think).  I'm using the following to  
connect to the internet stream in the aprsd.conf:

Server rotate.aprs.net 23 hub-sr

I'm not sure I'm using the prefered port (or other options for that  

What's the current recommendations for systems like mine?  I want to  
support message traffic to my local RF users, but less bandwidth for  
the upstream server would be a good thing if it doesn't impact my  
local users.

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