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[aprssig] Recommended IGate Connection

Joel Maslak jmaslak-aprs at antelope.net
Mon Sep 11 22:13:35 UTC 2006

On Sep 11, 2006, at 3:46 PM, Cap Pennell wrote:

> Often, a _little bit_ of redundancy can be worthwhile.  Using a  
> named digi's
> MYcall is fine until that particular digi goes down.

True, I'll think that through and leave it as WIDE2-1 right now,  
maybe changing it to WY2-2 - that's actually not a bad idea...   
There's not a lot of redundancy of IGates at the local level,  
although almost every WIDEn-n in the area has a local IGate.  Mine  
fills a very small hole.  And I'm not sending much traffic (far more  
beacons than actual traffic).

Now if only I could figure out the best way to route a power wire  
from my battery to my truck cab in my 2003 Chevy Silverado...probably  
time to get the hole saw out.

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