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[aprssig] Recommended IGate Connection

Charles Doughtie n5exy at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 12 03:34:59 UTC 2006

Hole, no! Don't saw!

Raise the mat/carpet on the passenger side.
There are probably one or more assembly access
holes covered by grommets or metal plates.
Also, there may be a space covered by the
kick panels (can't think of a better word)
for the driver's left foot and the passenger's
right. There are probably other covered
holes at the back of the cab for the co-ax.
I am a Ford guy so I am not certain about

de Charlie, N5EXY
South Suburban Greater Hutto, Texas

--- James Washer <washer at trlp.com> wrote:

> If your truck in an automatic, there's almost
> certainly an unused hole for the clutch mechanism
> On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 16:13:35 -0600
> Joel Maslak <jmaslak-aprs at antelope.net> wrote:
> > Now if only I could figure out the best way to
> route a power wire  
> > from my battery to my truck cab in my 2003 Chevy
> Silverado...probably  
> > time to get the hole saw out.
> >
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