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[aprssig] Recommended IGate Connection

Brian Riley brianbr at mac.com
Tue Sep 12 04:30:23 UTC 2006

Plan B, a little more costly ... I just bought a new Ranger truck and  
one look under the hood was enough too tell me I didn't want to begin  
to try to figure out a way through the firewall. When I took it down  
to the place to have the spray on bedliner done, they also do car  
alarms and remote starters. They charged me one hour labor ($30) to  
run a wire (which I supplied) from the battery into the cab down by   
the console. As far as I am concerned, it was worth every penny and I  
have the unblemished (read that as not scraped) knuckles to prove it!  
I spliced the fuse holder on near the battery and then crimped on the  
terminals and bolted it to the battery and then crimped on the Power  
Poles and mounted a 5 position RigRunner on the console and plugged  
the cable to it.

cheers ... 73 de brian  riley,  n1bq , underhill center, vermont
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On Sep 11, 2006, at 11:34 PM, Charles Doughtie wrote:

> Hole, no! Don't saw!
> Raise the mat/carpet on the passenger side.
> There are probably one or more assembly access
> holes covered by grommets or metal plates.
> Also, there may be a space covered by the
> kick panels (can't think of a better word)
> for the driver's left foot and the passenger's
> right. There are probably other covered
> holes at the back of the cab for the co-ax.
> I am a Ford guy so I am not certain about
> Chevys.
> de Charlie, N5EXY
> South Suburban Greater Hutto, Texas
> --- James Washer <washer at trlp.com> wrote:
>> If your truck in an automatic, there's almost
>> certainly an unused hole for the clutch mechanism
>> On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 16:13:35 -0600
>> Joel Maslak <jmaslak-aprs at antelope.net> wrote:
>>> Now if only I could figure out the best way to
>> route a power wire
>>> from my battery to my truck cab in my 2003 Chevy
>> Silverado...probably
>>> time to get the hole saw out.
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