[aprssig] Packet Node on 144.390 ?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Sep 13 07:54:24 CDT 2006

> Well, I think the topic at hand was about VHF packet, 
> so while ... HF pactor [might be] more efficient, 
> I have to address one major issue I have with this.  
> WinLink will never be an option for me, no matter 
> how "superior", until it runs on a superior
> operating system :>

I think there is a big missunderstanding here about the original
thread concerning putting up a packet BBS or putting up a node
on the WinLINK system on VHF.  The end user can run ANY
software, ANY TNC, ANY operating system.  

I'm talking about the VHF TELPAC nodes that act just like an old
fashioned BBS, yet are linked to the global WinLINK system.  (I
may be using the wrong terms), but the idea is that the TELPAC
nodes are just packet links into the system.  You don't have to
run anything except a dumb terminal program and packet to access
this system from just about anywhere.

In fact, there is even an interface between the APRS system and
the WinLINK system called APRSlink by Lee Inman so that you can
use something as simple as your D7 or D700 APRS radio to send
and receive email from the front panel!  No computer required.

For example, TELPAC nodes usually send a beacon on APRS so you
can locate them wherever they are.  For example, here is a FINDU
map of TELPAC nodes in the South West: 

For info on Telpac nodes see:

Hope that helps.

My original post said that persons considering a BBS on VHF
should consider putting up a TELPAC node instead of just another
limited BBS.  My mistake was using the term "winlink" when I
should have said "TELPAC"...

De Wb4APR, Bob 

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