[aprssig] APRS antenna for an airplane

Wes Johnston, AI4PX wes at kd4rdb.com
Sat Sep 16 11:52:34 CDT 2006

As a flying repeater, we have to "racetrack" the area we want to
provide coverage for.  That means we are not directly over the top of
who we are talking to.... we circle around them.

On a pretty slick note... I once mounted a 15db 2.4gig yagi inside the
plane on a small tripod bungee corded down to the rear seat.  We then
circled about a point (yagi pointed perpendicular to the travel of
plane) with the wingtip pointing at my parent's house.  We were able
to use their wifi access point as long as the wing tip was pointed
toward them.  1500' AGL.


On 9/16/06, Glenn Wiebe <ve4gn at mts.net> wrote:
> Would mounting a 1/4w vertical or similar antenna on the belly of an
> aircraft not create a null area directly underneath the plane? I
> remember the pilot of a Jet Ranger under contract to the company I
> worked for at the time telling me that they would not install it there
> for use with our company 179 mhz radio for that reason.
> 73 de Glenn...VE4GN
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