[aprssig] APRS Link

John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 12:42:18 CDT 2006

> But D-Star is just "TCP" so why would you need APRSlink instead of
> Outlook, Airmail or Paclink.   It would be a good "You've got mail" tool.

DStarInterface is an adjunct to javAPRSSrvr and it works as an
Internet gateway by converting D-STAR GPS position reports to the APRS
format and sending it to the APRS-IS.

DStarTNC2 is software that runs on my laptop which, like
DStarInterface, converts D-STAR GPS position reports into the APRS
format and allows me to use UI-View32 to view the data, just like as
if it was APRS.

I also have the advantage of using a single frequency for both APRS
and Voice simultaneously.

John Habbinga, KC5ZRQ
Lubbock, Texas

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