[aprssig] APRS over D-STAR (was APRS Link)

John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 15:34:43 CDT 2006

KC5ZRQ-2 is the D-STAR I-gate.  It is running the DStarInterface for
the javAPRSSrvr.  I think that lots of APRS I-Gates use javAPRSSrvr.
The computer is a Dell Optiplex with a Pentium 3 - 500 MHz running
Windows XP.  It was donated by Lubbock County to the Lubbock RACES
foundation.  The radio is an Icom IC-2200H, which with the D-STAR
module, probably cost about $350.

By the way, even sitting in 100+ degrees Fahrenheit, the Dell Optiplex
has never crashed.  It is running javAPRSSrvr, Echolink, Echotime TTS+
and Weather Exchange software on it.  It also runs some diagnostic
software that monitors the wireless network.  Although it is connected
to the Internet, if the Internet connection were to be lost, and even
if the power went out for a short time, I could still use the server,
via Wirless LAN, with the KC5ZRQ-1 APRS I-Gate.

On 9/18/06, Joel Maslak <jmaslak-aprs at antelope.net> wrote:
> I must disagree on that assessment.  The IGate I run uses spare
> equipment that had no other purpose.  There's not a lot of spare D-
> STAR stuff yet, nor even used stuff.
> The only expenses where I specifically spent out-of-pocket money for
> the IGate was the power supply (and soon a backup battery - the UPS
> the power supply is plugged into does not work well anymore, so it's
> time to build a proper 12V power supply - and to run the computer and
> network equipment off of it).
> If I wasn't run an IGate with the IGate computer and radio, the
> computer would probably be disposed of and the radio would probably
> be sitting and gathering dust (or sold at a hamfest).
> But I'd agree if you bought mostly-new equipment, the IGate station
> might even cost more money (price TNCs!).
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