[aprssig] New Kenwood radio?

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 18 20:47:04 CDT 2006

Alan P. Biddle wrote:
> Well, you can put the control face on either way, which means you can get
> the speaker on the top or bottom.  Also, it will, according to the rep I
> asked, have a "real" serial port for programming, without needing more than
> a simple cable.  No more funky level shifting external units.  Also, the
> display will be "de-cluttered" compared to earlier radios.
> Alan
None of this even resembles my D-700.
It uses a simple cable, but could be reduce to three wires with a custom 
Turning the speaker over on the main unit may have some benefit, but 
mine is remoted any way so does not make much difference.
More snake oil.
D-700 did not have a mountable control head.
I do not thing we are talking about the same radio.
I do not think anyone knows what they are talking about.

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