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Tue Sep 19 11:24:39 CDT 2006

Did you miss my presentation on Friday, or did I just skip over that part
too quickly?  I know I missed at least 3 slides...

Anyway, yes, there's a mapping of APRS symbols - both table/symbol and
TOCALL types - to Magellan and two types of Garmin symbol sets.  There are
currently 60 mappings defined, with everything else defaulting to a generic
waypoint dot.  I've set up custom symbols for digi, crash site, 'X',
motorcycle, helicopter, sailboat, jogger, ambulance, jeep, truck, EOC, semi,
van, and weather so far.  Some models can hold many more custom symbols.

Without the custom symbols loaded and enabled, you get the closest (in my
judgment) approximation available in the GPS symbol set.  A semi, for
example, shows up as a truck stop icon - a front view of a semi in eTrex
units, or the same in a blue square on color models.  A brief excerpt from
the table:

{STD_TABLE | 'h', 'L', 'H', 12, 156, 0},// Hospital = First Aid Symbol
{ALT_TABLE | 'h', 'S', 'H', 24, 172, 0},// Ham Store = Shopping Cart
{STD_TABLE | 'j', 'L', 'J', 39, 170, sym_jeep},// Jeep = Car
{STD_TABLE | 'k', 'L', 'K', 39, 176, sym_truck},// Truck = Truck Stop
{STD_TABLE | 'o', 'L', 'O', 22, 8299, sym_eoc},	// EOC = Blue Diamond
{STD_TABLE | 'p', 'L', 'P', 35, 8275, 0},// Rover = Dog (Rino units only)

So /j or TOCALLs ending in LJ for NMEA formats match Magellan symbol 39,
Garmin symbol 170, and optionally a Garmin custom symbol type if enabled.

Mappings for older Garmin units with only 16 symbols are done by exception
in a series of case statements.


> Can  you fill in the details of how this works?
> There has to be a "maping" of APRS symbols to Garmin
> Symbols or something.  Where does that take place?
> Thanks.
> Just trying to get up to speed here.
> Bob
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