[aprssig] APRS to NMEA

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Tue Sep 19 19:40:48 CDT 2006

Not a lot of mapping programs support GPWPL input.  Not that I've
encountered anyway.  The difference here is that the tracker keeps all of
the waypoints in memory until they're requested for download, since most
mapping programs don't expect to receive any waypoints until they request a


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> APRSdos does it.  Converts all incoming APRS info to 
> NMEA GGA on the second serial port for looping to any
> Other program that only receives NMEA.
> > > Sounds like a useful feature, Scott. My EMA Director 
> > > is pretty tied to his mapping program and doesn't want 
> > > me to tell him that he has to run an APRS client in 
> > > order to see APRS trackers. If we can easily dump 
> > > APRS posits in NMEA format to a mapping program, 
> > > that'd be great!
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