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[aprssig] RE: New EU Paradigm

Andrzej AB9FX ab9fx at aprs.pl
Wed Sep 20 17:08:20 UTC 2006

According to http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/aprs/new-eu-paradigm.txt 
only difference in Europe is old RELAY not the new WIDE1-1 like in the US.
WIDEn-n and SSn-n work the same way in the new EU Paradigm like in the US.
So, what is the problem when crossing borders? You can use in your mobile 
RELAY,WIDE2-2 and go through whole continent.

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From: "Cap Pennell" <cap at cruzio.com>
To: "APRSSIG" <aprssig at lists.tapr.org>
Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 10:28
Subject: [aprssig] RE: New EU Paradigm

> While certainly not wanting to cram anything down anybody's throat, I'd
> suggest dropping support for any "EU Paradigm" and instead only holding 
> out
> the more efficient North American system as a potential international 
> model
> too.  The Newn-N system is better here in North America now and can help 
> in
> Europe or elsewhere too as their networks grow.  I don't think any useful
> purpose is served by encouraging conflicting non-interoperable "regional"
> paradigms.  It's a small world after all.
> One good thing about the North American Newn-N Paradigm is that we've
> already seen it can be slowly (and quite painlessly) "grown" from earlier,
> less efficient, systems (and aliases).
> The international http://info.aprs.net already shows Ireland is supporting
> the more modern digipath system.  Over time, others will too because it
> better avoids "reduced throughput".
> 73, Cap KE6AFE
> P.S.  Why encourage forcing APRSers to change digipath settings just 
> because
> they've crossed a "border"?  It's already bad enough that some travelers
> have to change _frequency_ to rejoin the VHF APRS network just because
> they've flown across borders.
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>> From: ui-view at yahoogroups.com [mailto:ui-view at yahoogroups.com]On Behalf
>> Of Robert Bruninga
>> Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 06:44 AM
>> To: ui-view at yahoogroups.com; phil at g1lkj.org.uk
>> Subject: [ui-view] New EU Paradigm
>> > Bob Bruninga WA4APR has requested not to use WIDE
>> > as a unproto address and all those who are in the
>> > know have changed to TRACE in the UK.
>> As APRS moves forward, we do need to assure simplification and
>> standardization of paths.  In the USA, the New-N Paradigm is to
>> obsolete all of these, RELAY, WIDE, TRACE and TRACEn-N, and make
>> WIDEn-N the only universal path (replaces TRACEn-N so it is
>> FULLY traceable).  Fill-In Digis would use WIDE1-1.
>> Since Europe seemed to not have the RELAY dupe problem, the only
>> way we seemd to have gotten consensus was to propose the New EU
>> Paradigm which for Europe would suggest the universal path to be
>> TRACEn-N.  And RELAY could be used for fill-in digis.
>> As new devices enter the APRS market, it is important to get
>> agreement that these are the standards so that Manufacturers can
>> have consistent expectations and User education can be greatly
>> simplified.
>> There seems to me no more debate in the USA.  Are these
>> standards acceptible to Europe?
>> This is posted on the Uiview list, since most Europeans using
>> APRS are on this list.  But please respond on the
>> APRSSIG at lists.tapr.org where the discussion should take place.
>> Thanks,
>> Bob, WB4APR
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