[aprssig] Kenwood TK-760

Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 20 12:34:50 CDT 2006

Don't have a manual, but it is pretty cool radio. You buy an accessory
plug that hangs out the back and it has a whole bunch of connections on
it that do everything under the sun. I had a Tiny Trak hooked to one
and although we never used it long enough to fully implement it the
plan was to designate a data channel that the radio would switch to
when it detected external PTT. After the data burst was done the radio
would resume normal operation. The tiny trak, and nothing else for that
matter, has the code to somehow get the 760 to switch to the data
channel, listen, and then burst. Otherwise you are running blind and
will cause collisions of packets with other stations. But it does have
direct serial control on that accessory plug to do all kinds of crazy

--- scott at opentrac.org wrote:

> Does anyone have the manuals for this radio?  And does it have an
> accessory
> connector like the TK-790?  They offer AVL options for it, so I'm
> guessing
> it must have something.
> Thanks,
> Scott
> N1VG

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