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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
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vk4tec at tech-software.net wrote:
> Has anyone written a procedure for starting from scratch and 
> installing and configuring UI-VIEW and AGWPE ?
> I have had a few people wanting help but have not ever written 
> anything down.

Setup and use of AGW is covered at length at:


Don't even think about UIview until you have AGW working.  The companion 
AGW Monitor utility is useful for verifying that AGW is actually 
receiving and decoding packets.  AGW Monitor is a totally mindless "run 
the setup program" type of install with no configuration at all.  It 
automatically links to AGW and displays anything that AGW decodes. 

Once you have AGW working properly, then install UIview normally.  In 
"Setup, Comms Setup", select  AGW in the "Host Mode" pulldown.   UIview 
should then automatically work with AGW.   You don't even need to fiddle 
with COM ports, baud rate, number of data bits, handshaking, KISS 
initialization commands, etc.

If you want one-click startup, an option in the AGW configuration allows 
it to start other programs.  Enter the path to the UIview executable 
here. Starting AGW than then automatically launch UIview as well.   

[I use AGW this way to start a copy of UIview, whose UI-Scheduler then 
starts three other instances of UIview (installed in three other folders 
on the same machine) and logs three of them into Internet servers.  In 
turn, a link to AGW is in the Startup folder of my Windows Start Menu so 
that my APRS server system can recover automatically after a power 
failure or accidental reboot.]     


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