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[aprssig] Inexpensive Deviation Meter

Jim Campbell jim_c at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 20 23:55:48 UTC 2006

Thanks Alan.  The MFJ meter isn't available anymore either.

As to my radio, my station is a mix and match affair.  I have four 
two-meter transcievers and two TNCs and a tracker.  I have cables made 
up so that any TNC/Tracker can drive any radio.  Sure makes setting up 
the correct deviation interesting.  That's why I was looking for an 
inexpensive meter.

Thanks again,


Alan P. Biddle wrote:

>At one time, TAPR had a neat little unit which interfaced with a RS scanner.
>I have used it through 9600 baud, and it compares well with much more
>expensive laboratory equipment.  No longer available, but you might find one
>here, or on eBay.  As someone else mentioned, MFJ does make one which works,
>mostly.  Also, Heathkit made an excellent one which I have seen at hamfests.
>You might mention what radio you are using.  Perhaps someone here has the
>same one, and can give you the measured drive voltage.

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