[aprssig] RE: New EU Paradigm

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Sep 20 19:20:17 CDT 2006

For Europe:
> Well fine,  but then it wouldn't hurt to 
> _start_ making WIDEn-N traceable too, and 
> going forward encourage users to use WIDEn-N.  
> And that way eventually (painlessly) phase out 
> TRACEn-N and RELAY as in North America...

| Ah, but that is the -big- problem and why there
| are no easy answers.  Most digipeaters in
| Europe are just UIview and Uiview just like
| the KPC3 over here, only traces on one callsign
| So there is no easy transition.
| Let me make it clear why I have accepted the
| compromised solution:
| 1) In the USA, all it takes is changing the DIGIS,
| and ALL THE DIGIS had to be changed anyway... So
| it was easy to swap WIDEn-N in place of TRACEn-N
| in all digis.  And many DIGI systems are owned
| operated by a few sysops.
| 2) In Europe, there are few central HIGH digis.
| Most digis are just HOME stations.  Thus, to replace
| TRACEn-N in every such home station Uiview with
| WIDEn-N traceability simply would never happen.
| Just like moving a mountain.
| So I agree, it would be nice if they all changed,
| but I realized it simply would never happen, so
| it is better for APRS to WORK well in Europe
| *now* than to hope that everyone would change and
| some day in the far distant future they would
| all be WIDEn-N.
| Hope that helps.
|Bob, WB4APR

> > | Actually Andy has an EXCELLENT point.  The Europeans
> > | don't have to really do anything, leave their network
> > | alone.  It supports TRACEn-N and WIDEn-N.  But they
> > | should encourage everyone to use TRACEn-N since it is
> > | traceable and WIDEn-N is not (over there).
> > |
> > | Then they can also phase out RELAY since WIDE1-1 also
> > | works there....
> >
> > Bob, WB4APR

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