[aprssig] Kenwood TK-760

Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 20 21:29:03 CDT 2006

--- Earl Needham <needhame1 at plateautel.net> wrote:

>          That sounds pretty neat, but what does it do if you're
> talking at 
> the time?
>  Earl

If I remember right you can program the thing to ignore the external
PTT if the Mic PTT is pressed, you can also program it to ignore ext.
PTT if anyone of your voice channels is indicating busy because of
incoming audio transmission. This way the AVL won't interrupt your
voice communication. It will wait for it's turn to talk. The Kenwood
AVL is high dollar high tech stuff, something like $1,500.00 per modem
per vehicle install. It runs at 2400 baud MSK data format.

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