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[aprssig] Inexpensive Deviation Meter

Glenn Wiebe ve4gn at mts.net
Thu Sep 21 03:46:54 UTC 2006

Another way is to use a scanner and a scope. In my case I installed a 
jack in my old RS scanner connected between the top of the volume 
control and ground. That way the output is not affected by the setting 
of the control. To use it, monitor a station thought to be reasonably 
close in deviation (someone suggested a police station) and note the 
signal level on the scope. Now set your equipment to the same level.
Two way radio shops have FM signal generators/service monitors that 
would be ideal for calibrating a scanner/scope combo, perhaps you know 
someone that would do it for you. I wish I did.

73 de Glenn...VE4GN

Jim Campbell wrote:
> Thanks Alan.  The MFJ meter isn't available anymore either.
> As to my radio, my station is a mix and match affair.  I have four 
> two-meter transcievers and two TNCs and a tracker.  I have cables made 
> up so that any TNC/Tracker can drive any radio.  Sure makes setting up 
> the correct deviation interesting.  That's why I was looking for an 
> inexpensive meter.
> Thanks again,
> Jim

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