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[aprssig] RE: New EU Paradigm

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Thu Sep 21 03:55:34 UTC 2006

It's easy for UI-View32 in KISS mode to be setup as a digi, a fill-in digi
or a full digi (instructions below).  But yes, that full digi sysop does
have to choose between whether WIDEn-N or TRACEn-N will be fully traceable
in their UI-View32 digi, but the other choice can still _operate_ correctly
too (except for producing the traceability in the digipath history).  That
change of which (WIDEn-N or TRACEn-N) is traceable can then be readily
phased in as more and more users use WIDEn-N.  hi
73, Cap

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> Subject: RE: [aprssig] RE: New EU Paradigm
> Wow, do I feel dumb...
> I thought the final New-EU paradigm we eneded up with last time
> was for TRACEn-N.  Boy was I surprised when I just checked and
> found my New-EU-Paradigm WEB page was recommending WIDEn-N
> eventually.  I'm floored.   I don't know what to say.  I'll just
> butt out until the powers that be in Europe tell me which way
> they want to go.
> All I want is for there to be a common and consistent system in
> Europe to simplify APRS for everyone.  But WIDE and TRACE (and
> possibly RELAY are obsolete) and what ever they decide for an
> n-N system, it must be traceable.
> But if I was to kibitz, it would be WIDE1-1,WIDEn-N or the
> easier way out is to use WIDE1-1,TRACEn-N and that way let their
> system support BOTH, while also getting rid of the obsolete
> RELAY, WIDE and TRACE paths while providing full traceability
> AND the provision for WIDE1-1 to replace RELAY...  And then
> encourge everyone to use TRACEn-N or WIDE1-1,TRACEn-N if they
> need a supporting first hop.
> Bob, WB4APR
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> > Subject: RE: [aprssig] RE: New EU Paradigm
> >
> > For Europe:
> > > Well fine,  but then it wouldn't hurt to
> > > _start_ making WIDEn-N traceable too, and
> > > going forward encourage users to use WIDEn-N.
> > > And that way eventually (painlessly) phase out
> > > TRACEn-N and RELAY as in North America...
> >
> > | Ah, but that is the -big- problem and why there
> > | are no easy answers.  Most digipeaters in
> > | Europe are just UIview and Uiview just like
> > | the KPC3 over here, only traces on one callsign
> > | So there is no easy transition.


Here is what is required to setup UI-View32 to run as a "New n-N Paradigm"
digi.  Two configurations are presented, one for a "fill in" or "event" digi
that would only respond to WIDE1-1, and one for a full WIDEn-N digi.

-- Setting up UI-View32 to act as a fill-in or event digi.--

This type of digi is the least harmful to our congested VHF network.
You must be running your TNC in KISS mode to enable the digipeater in

Go to Setup -> Digipeater Setup
Enable Digi is checked
UI Only is checked
Alias substitution is checked
WIDEn-n is not checked
TRACEn-n is not checked
Alias(es) has W6UUU,WIDE1-1 <substitute your callsign for W6UUU>
Sub Alias has W6UUU <substitute your callsign for W6UUU>
Dupe secs = 30
Digi routes has 1=1

Click on OK and you're done.

-- Setting up UI-View32 to act as a full WIDEn-N digi.--

This type of digi should only be setup if all your APRS neighbors have said
they agree they need your station to act as a full WIDEn-N digi.  Otherwise,
don't do it.
You must be running your TNC in KISS mode to enable the digipeater in

This involves opening up a text file, editing it and saving it. I recommend
that you first save a copy of the original file so if something happens you
can easily revert back.

Open the UIVIEW32.INI file (located in C:\Program Files\Peak
Systems\UI-View32\) scroll down to the section named [DIGI_OPTIONS] and set
it to match this:

2,WIDE4-4,WIDE4-3,WIDE4-2,WIDE3-3,WIDE3-2,W6UUU <substitute your callsign
for W6UUU here>
UIFLOOD=NCA <enables NCAn-N paths in Northern California (SCA for Southern
California, OR Oregon, NV Nevada, AZ Arizona) >
SUBST_ALIAS=W6UUU <substitute your callsign for W6UUU here>

And in the UI-View32 program:
Setup -> Station Setup: Beacon comment:PHG5110/W2,NCAn/New York City
<substitute your actual PHG and City here>
Setup -> Station Setup: Symbol:No.Digi O'ly:S

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