[aprssig] RE: New EU Paradigm also Uiview32 and New-N for the USA

Jim jim at stuckinthemud.org
Thu Sep 21 13:42:14 CDT 2006

Why do any of these need to be put in as aliases?

Surely the whole point of the n-n system is that the smart part of the digi
recognises it and processes accordingly. If its traceability that's required
then just enable callsign substitution on WIDE as well as TRACE.

Jim, G1HUL

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That's a good point (although how that effects duplicate checking I do not
understand).  But I do see that WIDE7-1 etc would be used up and thus need
not be in the list.  Thus this should be revised to:


Ill update my uiview32.ini file accordingly.

Beyond that change doesn't anyone else see anything out of compliance with

It still does irk me that WIDE1-1,WIDE3-3 gets 4 digipeats on an N=3 limited
digipeater.  Seems to me that the recommendation should be to configure the
digipeater for N=2 and then recommend WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 to get 3 digipeats if
you need it.

Ron, N5IN

John Habbinga wrote:
> You do not need to include WIDE7-1,WIDE6-1,WIDE5-1, or WIDE4-1.  These 
> will decrement once and terminate.  Including them only serves to 
> further inhibit duplicate checking amongst other digipeaters in the 
> area.
> On 9/21/06, Ron Stordahl <ron.stordahl at digikey.com> wrote:
> IDE5-2,WIDE5-1,WIDE6-6,WIDE6-5,WIDE6-4,WIDE6-3,WIDE6-2,WIDE6-1,WIDE7-7
> ,WIDE7-6,WIDE7-5,WIDE7-4,WIDE7-3,WIDE7-2,WIDE7-1

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