[aprssig] RE: New EU Paradigm also Uiview32 and New-N for the USA

Jan T. Pharo la2bba at jpharo.net
Thu Sep 21 14:32:59 CDT 2006

"Jim" <jim at stuckinthemud.org>, Thu, 21 Sep 2006 19:42:14 +0100:

>Surely the whole point of the n-n system is that the smart part of the digi
>recognises it and processes accordingly. If its traceability that's required
>then just enable callsign substitution on WIDE as well as TRACE.

The UIFLOOD on national (or, in the US, State) abbreviation, e.g.
GBn-N, isn't possible (at least not in all software, like UI-View) if
you keep both TRACEn-N and WIDEn-N.

73 de Jan, LA2BBA
Hvaler, Norway

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