RE: [ui-view] Re: [aprssig] RE: New EU Paradigm also Uiview32 andNew-N for the USA

David Huff davidh at
Thu Sep 21 16:47:43 CDT 2006

You might also look at the details for the CGIs you use on the findu
pages. I think the Weather CGI requires a forward slash "/" at the end
of the weather data to work, you have to add it into your comment
section.  (I found that if you don't, findu will not recognize the WX
data, just see it all as comments) It really depends on which findu CGIs
you use.

David KC0GFO

>I believe that difference only relates to how the text is displayed
>out) when received on the little window of the Kenwood APRS radios, the
>TH-D7 HT and TM-D700 mobile.  Sort of like a "Tiny Web Page":
>73, Cap KE6AFE

> Notice I have no "/" following the PHG6360 nor after the MNn.  I
> it's Bob Bruninga WB4APR's  recommendation not to use the "/".  I
> know why however.
> Ron, N5IN

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