[aprssig] Inexpensive Deviation Meter - Wrapup

Jim Campbell jim_c at bellsouth.net
Fri Sep 22 10:00:05 CDT 2006

Thanks to all who provided suggestions on my deviation-setting question.

The MFJ-52 board that I had in mind is no longer available.  At $30 it 
was in the right price range.

The MFJ-224 was a lot more meter than I really needed and the $170 was 
out of the price range that I wanted to pay.

The setting by ear had the right price tag and I may try it later.

Someone mentioned tapping off the IF string of a receiver.  That rang a  
bell for me.  One of my rigs is an Icom IC-251A and it has an RCA jack 
on the back labelled Scope.  I checked the block diagram and this output 
taps off the IF through a buffer amplifier.  I have a 35 MHz scope so I 
should be able to use this just fine.

Thanks again.  I appreciate all the help so graciously offered.



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