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[aprssig] Cheap GPS suggestion?

Joel Maslak jmaslak-aprs at antelope.net
Mon Sep 25 21:43:34 UTC 2006

I'm looking for a cheap new GPS for a vehicle.  I do not expect it to  
have a display.  It'd be good if it would run off of 12V power.  It  
must output 4800 BPS NMEA.

What is out there right now?  I'm using an eTrek right now, but I'd  
rather not tie up my handheld GPS for the truck.

On a different subject - routing power in a 2003 Silverado pick- 
up...  I drilled through the firewall, when inside the vehicle, just  
down and right of the main wiring harness that goes from the engine  
compartment to the interior fuse panel - watch out for the brake  
hydraulics, but they are pretty easy to not hit.  A 3/8" drill bit  
and a Toyota PVC grommet were perfect for the 4 gauge wire I ran; I  
only ran one wire, and am using the chassis for return, as I've had  
great luck with that in other vehicles.  I mounted a small power  
distribution block right behind the driver's seat.  There's a small  
flat spot between the driver's seat and rear bulkhead where I can  
place the "stack".

The antenna had to be the easiest antenna installation ever for me -  
took me 20 minutes to drill the hole in the roof, route the cable,  
and solder a connector.  There is ample space in the center of the  
vehicle between the headliner and the roof - just stick a piece of  
cardboard there to catch the nearly-red-hot circle as it drops down.   
Add a 1/4 wave whip and it's an installation that doesn't draw  
excessive attention to itself.

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