[aprssig] PCSAT-1 Special Event Thurs!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Sep 26 17:32:07 CDT 2006

APRSSIG PCSAT-1 Special Event

We'd like to demo PCSAT-1 to students on this Thursday 28 Sept
at 0923 EDT and 1112 EDT over the eastern USA.  This is normal
APRS (or UI) digipeating via the digipeater callsign of PCSAT-1
(or VIA ARISS) on the Space APRS channel of 145.825.  Our
callsign is W3ADO-15.  Here is what we would like to see:

1) Attended stns set APRS posit rate to 2 minutes (til
2) Unattended stations set APRS posit rate to 5 minutes
3) Include in your POSIT text these items:
   a) ur name, TX power and ANT Gain
   b) some reference to this event (like GO Navy! Etc)
   c) Example might be:  "Bob,2min,5W,3dBi omni, BeatArmy"

With this info, my students will plot your APRS posit and can
calculate the link equation for your station and we can see the
statistics of how well weak as well as strong stations get in.
Please adhere to your stated rate for the POSIT text.  Our
station, W3ADO-15 will QSL your packets.

If you are attended and you get more than 5 successes, cut your
period (and change your posit text) to 5 minutes.  The objective
is to see how many people we can capture, not how many times you
can get in!

If you are NOT running APRS, here is how to use ANY TNC to
2) Set Btext w GRID square "[FM19sx]Joe,5min,5W,8dBi,Hi mids!"
3) Set your BEACON to every 5 minutes.

Notice that the grid square must be 6 digits or some APRS will
not decode them.

I hope we get plenty of participation.  Of course, TOO MUCH
participation coiuld kill it too.  But we will see how it goes.

Thanks, WB4APR, Bob

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> Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 4:00 PM
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> Subject: PCSAT-1 (NO-44) Recoverd!
> PCSAT-1 has been recovered as it entered better sun angles.
> PCSAT-1 should be NORMAL OPS for the next few weeks until it
> experiences an overload and resets.  Then we lose it till
> December.  So we ask that all users please adhere to these
> fundamental principles:
> 1) No unattended operations
> 2) No connections to or through PCSAT-1
> 3) UI digipeating and APRS at typically 2 min rate or so
> 4) Watch pcsat.aprs.org for live activity
> 5) Use the path of VIA PCSAT-1 or VIA ARISS
> 6) Minimize all packets after dark!
> Enjoy PCSAT-1 and APRS! Make contacts, QSO, enjoy!
> Just remember that ACKS are pretty useless and only add QRM to
> the channel.
> So do not expect ACKS via the satellite.  If you see your
> outgoing packet digipeated by PCSAT-1 a few times then you
> should ASSUME that the other person got it and delete it
> yourself.  By the same token, if someone sends you a message,
> then ANSWER him in kind, so that he knows you got it.
> See web page PCSAT.APRS.ORG  or Google for PCSAT.
> De WB4APR, Bob
> US Naval Academy Satellite Lab

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