[aprssig] D7 Problem

Robert Michaud Michaud at ispwest.com
Thu Sep 28 01:45:08 CDT 2006

I have been using my Kenwood D7 with UI-View for several years.  A couple of
days ago it stopped working; the TNC did not initialize.  I have sent my
question to this sig and not the UI-view group because I don't thnk it is a
UI-View problem.

What does work?
- ARPS works correctly for both Tx & Rx. (TNC otherwise works properly)
- The serial cable has continuity and it worked correctly last week (No
spare to double check)
- UI-View works properly with other TNC/radio combinations. (Not a software

I used a new copy of the UI-View CMD file for the D7 and noticed something
odd.  When UI-View tried to initializes the TNC the D7 responded by
(correctly) changing frequency but UI-View did not receive any response from
the D7 and timed out with an error message.

My guess is one of the connections on the D7's serial port is broken.  Has
anyone had a similar experience?  Or is there some other possible problem?

Robert, KD6INI

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