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[aprssig] PCSAT-1 Recovery and OPS

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Thu Sep 28 08:03:01 UTC 2006


Just curious.  Does PCSAT-1 only tx on .390 when over North America etc,
quiet at other times, or is it active world wide on that frequency?
Only ask, as it may explain some "odd" noises heard in the past in what
is our SSB segment of the UK/EU 2m band.

Dave G0WBX.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Robert Bruninga [mailto:bruninga at usna.edu] 
> Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 9:03 PM
> To: 'TAPR APRS Mailing List'
> Subject: [aprssig] PCSAT-1 Recovery and OPS
> PCSAT-1 has been recovered as it entered better sun angles.  
> You may even see it in your mobile since it does have a 
> downlink on 144.39.  The uplink for that digipeater is not 
> published but is available for special needs if desired.  
> Otherwise the PCSAT-1 digipeater is on 145.825 up and down.
> PCSAT-1 should remain NORMAL OPS for the next few weeks until 
> it experiences an overload and resets.  Then we lose it till 
> December.  So we ask that all users please adhere to these 
> fundamental principles:
> 1) No unattended operations
> 2) No connections to or through PCSAT-1
> 3) UI digipeating and APRS packets only typically at 1 minute 
> rates or so
> 4) Watch pcsat.aprs.org for live activity
> 5) Use the path of VIA PCSAT-1 or VIA ARISS
> 6) No operations after dark!
> Enjoy PCSAT-1 and APRS! Make contacts, QSO, enjoy!
> Just remember that ACKS are pretty useless and only add QRM 
> to the channel.
> So do not expect ACKS via the satellite.  If you see your 
> outgoing packet digipeated by PCSAT-1 a few times then you 
> should ASSUME that the other person got it and delete it 
> yourself.  By the same token, if someone sends you a message, 
> then ANSWER him in kind, so that he knows you got it.
> See web page PCSAT.APRS.ORG  or Google for PCSAT.
> De WB4APR, Bob
> US Naval Academy Satellite Lab 

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