Clearing a stuck D700 without resetting it [was Re: [aprssig] Re: D7 Problem]

Tom Russo russo at
Thu Sep 28 20:01:11 CDT 2006

On Thu Sep 28, 2006 at 08:14:06PM -0400, Matt Hunter <Matt at> wrote:
> Robert,
> I have ran into similar troubles before with my D700. Xastir and UI-View 
> have left the TNC in a mode that I was unable to recover from.
> A simple press of the red button (lower right hand corner) and it has 
> worked since.

Are you referring to the notorious D700 bug where it gets stuck in the 
"Opening TNC" state when the computer connection is lost while the 
D700 is reading a NMEA sentence from the GPS? 

If so, there is a way to clear that state without resetting the D700, and
a way to avoid causing it --- Xastir has had those commands in its startup 
and shutdown D700 configuration scripts for over two years, so it should be 
very rare now (as in, only when you have a computer crash or shut down without 
letting xastir go through its shutdown script, or you set it up to not use 
those scripts).

For an explanation, see:

I think this is a different problem than Robert and Andrew are describing 
(since Robert says that APRS mode works), but the D700 "Opening TNC" issue is 
easily fixed without resorting to a hard reset and losing all your programming.

> Robert Michaud wrote:
> >Andrew,
> >
> >I think I would like to check the connection before I send it in for 
> >repair. Is it hard or tricky to open up the D7?   Any thing to be cautious 
> >about?
> >
> >Robert
> >
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> >>I lost the GPS on mine, opened it up and found a broken connection
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> >>I have been using my Kenwood D7 with UI-View for several years.  A couple 
> >>of days ago it stopped working; the TNC did not initialize.  I have sent my
> >>question to this sig and not the UI-view group because I don't thnk it is
> >>a UI-View problem.
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