[aprssig] Complete APRS rig for sale under $200

apratt at bestbits.org apratt at bestbits.org
Fri Sep 29 00:10:38 CDT 2006


I have a 100% complete FM voice and APRS rig for sale, perfect for a
new vehicle or a new ham just getting into the hobby. 

You can see a description and pictures here:

The core of the rig is a good-as-new YAESU FT-1802M radio, which would
set you back about $140 today. Includes the original mic, manuals, and
other accessories.

Then there's the OpenTracker (OT1x) and the GPS Mouse, which are
normally another $100 together. A Comet SBB5NMO dual-band antenna ($69
or more) and *two* NMO mounts (magnetic and bracket-style) round out
the package, plus every cable you need to make it go: the cables to
hook it up as an APRS system, and the null modem cable for programming
the tracker from your computer. 

I'll even throw in the padded plastic box I customized that holds the
radio, tracker, and GPS receiver, with a hole for the antenna cable
and power cable. It's not waterproof but it's convenient and

All for $195 plus shipping. First good offer takes it.

Now, some of you probably have parts lying around that would let you
cobble together a rig for under $200, but I'm sure you know somebody
who could use a near-new, solid, first-rate general-purpose 2M radio
and the rest of this kit for Christmas.

Contact me at the address below and we'll do a deal. Thanks for

-- Allan Pratt, apratt at bestbits.org

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