[aprssig] APRS WX question...

Ben Lindner vk5jfk at activ8.net.au
Mon Apr 2 20:26:44 CDT 2007

A TNC needs to put in "Transparent" mode. All you need then is radio and 
TNC and it will work. I have this setup at my QTH and works flawlessly

Ben Lindner

Eric Weber wrote:
> I've looked, and I only find partial info...
> Is one of the Trackers...aka "Open" or "Tiny" or "WX"
> tracker systems capable of sending info from a Davis
> Weather Wizard III wireless system?
> The County EM got each of the rural fire dept's one of
> these, and some don't have internet access, and I've
> been preachin' APRS and now they are asking for ...
> the cheapest/easiest way...
> >From what I've found...it doesn't look like there is a
> direct way to interface them...yes we have the
> data/APRS "dongle"...
> For right now, I am suggesting a TNC, computer, radio
> set up...
> At first they wanted quick and easy...but I think they
> are warming up to the "complete" setup above...anyway,
> just wanting to know if one of the tracker's can
> decode Davis stuff, just in case they want to go the
> quick and easy route...
> Thanks gang...
> 73's
> Eric
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