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[aprssig] Deviation meters

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Thu Apr 5 09:40:07 UTC 2007

>Like yourself, I have a service monitor, a Motorola R2400, but we're 
>amongst a lucky minority.
>I think that an oscilloscope is the most useful tool one can have for 
>making audio adjustments, and with software scopes available, such a 
>tool is within the reach of most. 
>Ray vk2tv

The sad reality is that 90% of US Hams are not accessing APRS
Via RF, but the Innerdnet.  Yes, simple basic test equipment is
Useful for setting things like deviation.  Most Hamfests *used*
To have test benches set up to do stuff like that.

In the US, the vast majority of APRS Hams are No-Code Technician's,
And the use of o-scopes and service monitors is well beyond their
Level of skill.  If they won't invest in a VHF radio/TNC, why bother
With test equipment?

Sadly, 99.9% of Hams are more concerned with the number of minutes
In their cell phone plan, not their deviation on APRS.  Find a way 
To make their cell phone work better and they'll pay attention.

This is why not a single solitary APRS message was sent from
Downtown New Orleans over the sole surviving Digi during the
Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  And that Digi was up at like

So as an Emergency Service, Amateur Radio might as well
Be a drum and smoke signals...

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