[aprssig] APRS WX question...

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 7 10:27:19 CDT 2007

One of them make a specific weather device to parse weather info to APRS.  I don't remember if it is Byonics or Open Tracker.  Do a google search and see which or if both offer it.


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I've looked, and I only find partial info...

Is one of the Trackers...aka "Open" or "Tiny" or "WX"
tracker systems capable of sending info from a Davis
Weather Wizard III wireless system?
The County EM got each of the rural fire dept's one of
these, and some don't have internet access, and I've
been preachin' APRS and now they are asking for ...
the cheapest/easiest way...
>From what I've found...it doesn't look like there is a
direct way to interface them...yes we have the
data/APRS "dongle"...

For right now, I am suggesting a TNC, computer, radio
set up...

At first they wanted quick and easy...but I think they
are warming up to the "complete" setup above...anyway,
just wanting to know if one of the tracker's can
decode Davis stuff, just in case they want to go the
quick and easy route...
Thanks gang...


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