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Ben Lindner vk5jfk at activ8.net.au
Sun Apr 8 17:03:27 CDT 2007

Any TNC in "Transparent" mode including the KPC3+ and 9612+ will handle 
the Davis output string with the data logger that Davis has. I have this 
system operating at my QTH as I type.

Ben Lindner

Richard Sharp, KQ4KX wrote:
> Byonics does have a version of the WXTrak that sends positioned weather
> packets.  The chip version that he sent me is v1.2b2 - it works like a
> champ.  He's also added the Davis support however I only use Peet Bros.
> equipment so I can't comment on its functionality.
> I'm in the process of switching over several weather stations from the Peet
> Bros. hex "packet data" format with the KPC3+ LT buffers to interfacing a
> WXTrak with the TNC.  In this configuration the TNC will do the digipeating
> and the WXTrak will send the positioned APRS standard formatted weather data
> that can be read on the Kenwoods.  Byon has created another version that I'm
> testing now (v1.2b4) that recognizes the PTT-IN like the TinyTrak does.  My
> concept is the TNC's PTT will connect to the WXTrak's PTT-IN pin and the
> WXTrak's PTT-OUT will control the radio's PTT.  This way the WXTrak will not
> transmit if the TNC is transmitting (digipeating).  Right now on the bench
> it works great - I haven't put it on the air at an actual digi site yet but
> I don't anticipate any issues.
> For what its worth...when I setup the Peet hex "packet data" with the TNC I
> set the position LT & weather LT to transmit at the same time.  This way
> they go out one after another "sort of" creating a positioned weather
> packet.
> Regards,
> Richard
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> I believe the Byonics can parse the Davis stream, we first used the device
> on our weather stations with a KPC3+ and a Peet Bros system because we
> wanted to generate 'Kenwood readable' weather.  Dumping the Peet Bros
> station into the KPC3+ will yield a form of the weather data, but it isn't
> compliant with the spec and it isn't readable on the kenwoods.  We started
> with the WxTracker using it to get the weather data out in a Kenwood
> compatible format, but there were some issues with that as well.  Weather
> went out in one packet and position in another, which isn't so great.
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