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[aprssig] SSID for RF only Station with backup power

John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 21:34:04 UTC 2007

I'm sure that it will run longer, but I'm not making any guarantees to my 
local ham community that it will run longer.  I don't know the exact 
specifications on the Wireless network equipment that I'll be connecting to 
it.  I think there are five dishes (transceivers) associated with it.  As to 
how much current that will draw, I just don't know.  My hope is that it will 
run long enough to decide if we want to continue using it, and then connect 
the generator.

----- Original Message ----- 
> 190 Ah can only power this for an hour??   What are you using -- vacuum 
> tube radios??    Take a look at my ham server at:
>     < http://wa8lmf.net/EPIAserver >
> I am powering a PC, two TNCs, and three transceivers (a TS-50, a VHF 
> monobander and a UHF monobander), a Linksys router and a cable modem  on a 
> total of 7.5 AMPs at 12.6 VDC.  The computer's monitor is a Samsung 192MP 
> 19" flat panel with a built-in TV tuner that also runs directly from 
> 12VDC. Normally it is off, but when turned on it only adds about 1.5A to 
> the drain.
> With you battery setup and only 50% discharging the batteries, my setup 
> would run for at least half a day or more.

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