[aprssig] Internet to APRS email

John Habbinga kc5zrq at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 18:01:58 CDT 2007

APRSLink will let you check your email via APRS.  In my city the APRS 
Internet Gateway is located in a central high location.  So using APRSLink 
to retrieve short messages works well since the user doesn't normally have 
to go through any digipeaters.

If you are using Winlink, then put WLNK-1 into your comment or status 
beacon.  When an email arrives for you, then you will be sent an APRS 
message.  You can then check your Winlink email using Airmail, Outpost, or 
some other packet radio client.

> The subject came up by a couple of friends as to the possibility of 
> revisiting the capability of APRS traveler's friends reaching them via an 
> email, directed to a special moderated clearing address...
> This was in place several years ago, with a few moderators, my being one 
> of them, but it suddenly disappeared, the plug was pulled..
> I would be willing to volunteer again to be one of the moderators if this 
> isn't against some rules and someone can see a way to reactivate it.

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