[aprssig] Internet to APRS email

Robbie, wa9inf mwrobertson at comcast.net
Mon Apr 9 19:11:34 CDT 2007

Hi John,

Thanks, I know about WinLink, or of it, and after browseing around on 
the WinLink page, I would prefer the small one liner APRS/EMAIL we had.. 
A lot less confusing, no software, and a lot less configurations! :-)  I 
am sure WinLink is doing a great job for folks who have taken the time 
to set it all up..


John Habbinga wrote:

> APRSLink will let you check your email via APRS.  In my city the APRS 
> Internet Gateway is located in a central high location.  So using 
> APRSLink to retrieve short messages works well since the user doesn't 
> normally have to go through any digipeaters.
> If you are using Winlink, then put WLNK-1 into your comment or status 
> beacon.  When an email arrives for you, then you will be sent an APRS 
> message.  You can then check your Winlink email using Airmail, 
> Outpost, or some other packet radio client.
>> The subject came up by a couple of friends as to the possibility of 
>> revisiting the capability of APRS traveler's friends reaching them 
>> via an email, directed to a special moderated clearing address...
>> This was in place several years ago, with a few moderators, my being 
>> one of them, but it suddenly disappeared, the plug was pulled..
>> I would be willing to volunteer again to be one of the moderators if 
>> this isn't against some rules and someone can see a way to reactivate 
>> it.
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