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[aprssig] SSID for RF only Station with backup power

Doug Younker dougy at ruraltel.net
Tue Apr 10 01:29:48 UTC 2007

By indefinite, you mean unlimited, I'm not so sure there is a need to ID 
a station as such.  This not at all like a FM repeater operating on a 
limit amount of battery back power, alerting the users of that fact, so 
they keep the use of the repeater to only essential traffic or use 
simplex as much as possible. Can only be useful if those stations with a 
limited amount of back up power ID themselves as such, and the APRS 
users users adjust their parameters to use the station with unlimited 
backup power first, conserving the power of the station with a limited 
amount of back up power.  Just in case that station with unlimited 
becomes limited itself non existent. :) Instead of cluttering up the 
map, can a text bulletin be sent reminding locals and informing visitors 
of the situation?
Doug, N0LKK

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wrote:
> I'm very close to bringing on line a full time RF only APRS station
> with indefinite backup power.   It's my belief that a station like
> this is getting back to the core essence of what APRS (and Amateur
> Radio) is all about.  As such, I think it would be valuable to
> differentiate these stations either with a unique SSID or map symbol
> ... or both.
> Suggestions or thoughts?
> 73
> Bill - WA7NWP
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