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[aprssig] Tiny Trak 3 config?

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Apr 10 16:49:15 UTC 2007

bruninga at usna.edu wrote:
>> .... Unless your driving down straight highways for many
>> hours you just cant run agressive corner pegging [on HF]..
> I see many operator errors on TInyTracks in my area.  Three are
> beaconing a wasteful STATUS packet saying "TinyTrack3 v 1.1" in
> addition to another status text...  One is beaconing every 30
> seconds for a total of over 100 packets per hour, etc...
> Does the Tiny Track have more than one status Text?  
> Since APRS defines STATUS as one-per-station, these toggling
> STATUS texts then eat up log files, since APRS logs any CHANGE
> in status or position to the log file.  Getting two every minute
> from a TT is excessive...
> Is this set-up error?  Or does TinyTrack always output this?
> Bob

1)     The TinyTrak sends the string   "TinyTrack3 v 1.1" on powerup as 
a sort of firmware splash screen.   The user may be using some sort of 
ill-conceived external power-management time scheme that turns off the 
TT and radio between beacons. The result is to "cold-boot" the TT every 
time a beacon is sent.

2)     The TT supports two different configuration settings, selectable 
by grounding or not grounding one pin of the CPU with a toggle switch. 
These configurations can store separate destinations, paths, status 
messages, symbols, transmission modes (Mic-E/std APRS/raw NMEA) and baud 
rate [you can actually have one side for 300 baud HF and the other side 
for 1200 baud VHF].     Conceptually these two mode settings are similar 
to the PM settings on a D700.

[For example, I have set one side to automatically beacon on a 
WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 path on one side, and to Mic-E on unkey with no path at 
all (for the absolutely shortest possible packet)  for use with my APRN 
SSTV setup on the other.

3)     Another option checkbox in the TT setup allows you to 
automatically alternate between the two configurations, allowing a 
traveler to alternately transmit via two different path settings (to 
address the problem of passing though areas of unknown new paradigm/old 
paradigm digipeater coverage).   Or  (if you keep all the other settings 
the same)  to alternately transmit two different status messages.  


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