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[aprssig] Why APRS mobile?

Andy AB9FX ab9fx at aprs.pl
Thu Apr 12 17:41:14 UTC 2007

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Subject: RE: [aprssig] Why APRS mobile?

> We have made great effort to try to make sure that such heads-up
> displays as the HAMHUD, D7 and D700 and any future products give
> consistent and easy to display information.  I woiuld hope that
> anyone developing such a product would not do so in a vacuum and
> would coordinate their efforts to make sure there is cross
> platform compatibility.
> Bob, Wb4APR

Another project, still in beta version is APRS-Deluxe by Radek SQ2FOA.
- mobile in Mic-E format with SmartBeconing and display
- fixed with capability of digipeating, telemetry (5 analog), weather 
(Ultimeter, WX-200)
Some pictures on my web http://www.aprs.pl/foa.htm and project simulator 
running under Windows http://sq2foa.republika.pl/deluxe_win.zip
Now, I do the wx tests as AB9FX-8
I plan to take my unit to Dayton this year, if anyone is interested to see 
it in action.

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