[aprssig] Why APRS mobile?

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Thu Apr 12 12:58:15 CDT 2007

You are both right here .... strictly speaking nowhere near everyone  
owns a laptop, but the demographics of computer ownership for the  
last six years have show and steady unwavering trend towards laptops.

  There was a recent survey from a very large university ( I just  
cannot dredge up which one right now) that has done a 'technology  
survey' of incoming freshmen for the last 10 years. The first year of  
the survey it started off with 70% of them bringing a computer of  
some kind, broken up 96% desktop/4% laptop. Ten years later, in the  
Fall of 2006, the incoming freshman (some 2000+ I think) had 99%  
bringing computers and 89% of them were laptops. Apple Computer have  
announced several years ago that sales of laptops had surpassed  
desktops and that margin is increasing, I believe Dell has made  
similar announcements.

Bob's contention is not exactly right, but its pretty close to dead  
on in the geek community! ... come on ... how often do you see  
without his laptop and/or palmtop?????

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On Apr 12, 2007, at 12:53 PM, Richard Amirault wrote:

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>> It should be noted that since EVERYONE owns a laptop, and so
>> potentially anyone can operate APRS (2-way), the fact that 85%
>> choose to operate a radio or HAMHUD with a 10xX character
>> display  shows how viable this market is.
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> Hmmm ... what planet are *you* on where "EVERYONE owns a laptop..."??
> It can't be EARTH, so it must be someplace else.
> You could likely say (on this list) that EVERYONE owns a  
> computer .. but you're off in Never-Never Land if you think  
> everyone owns a laptop here.
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