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[aprssig] If you see SDG-4 balloon, please enter APRS object

Robert Rochte rochte at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 21:21:40 UTC 2007

Our superpressure balloon - SDG-4 - should still be aloft right now.  It is
flying at a low enough altitude that it is easily visible from the ground
(it appears as a small, white line in the sky).

If you're located somewhere along the expected flight path, please take a
moment to look for it (and, of course, tune to 28.636 and send us the
telemetry!).  If you see it, please enter an object into the APRS stream
showing its approximate location (best guess, since it will be a mile in the
air and it might be hard to tell).  You can use SDG-4 as the name.

The balloon's location at various times today should roughly follow this

Time in UTC / Location
2000 Wolf Pen, WV
2100 SE of Marion, VA
2200 SE of Wilkesboro, NC
2300 Huntersville, NC
0000 Between Monroe, NC and Lancaster, SC
0100 NE of Bishopville, SC


Robert KC8UCH
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