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[aprssig] Is this APRS Spamming ??

Thomas t hamaddict2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 19 20:57:30 UTC 2007

Although I think that report has crossed the line, I would not want to see ham radio stores or hamfests scared away from reporting their positions.  
  Even though I guess someone could call a simple position report of a store (without text) a commercial message, I would like to see simple position reports of stores/hamfests without an ad like message continue.  
  Now I think we have two questions....
  1. What can a commercial entity/hamfest report, ie. can it post a telephone number or operating hours?  How about a general description of what they carry?
  2. Aren't the digipeater/igate operators technically liable for reporting an inappropriate message like spam (a commercial message)?
  I think someone well known and respected in APRS (nuge nuge WB4APR) should post a general guideline for hamstores/hamfests...until then  I think it might be unfair to get overly upset with HRO, because the exact location of that line between a public service position report and a position report that crosses the line can sometimes be hard to determine.  If a position report is ok, why not a list of hours or a tel number so that the position report is useful?  Well if you have all that info, dont users still need to know what the store carries in general to know if the store can meet their needs?  
  The sooner we have generally accepted written guidelines the better.  There are plenty of stores/hamfests out in the world, do we wait for each to accidentally cross the line or can we at least give people selling things (stores & hamfests) a generally accepted set of guidelines to help show them the way?  

"Stephen H. Smith" <wa8lmf2 at aol.com> wrote:
  I just happened to see this message while monitoring raw packets on 
144.39 in Southern California recently

W6HRO>APU25N,W6SCE-10*,qAS,K6KOZ:=3350.70N\11756.53WhHam Radio Outlet 
Anaheim {UIV32N}


Is this really appropriate content for non-commercial amateur radio 


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