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[aprssig] Dayton Pilgrimage Mobile Settings

Dave Sloan desloan at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 19 21:17:19 UTC 2007


   This would work if a person had a dual band and was monitoring 146.520
and had ARPS on 144.390. I normally travel with the 'A' side set to APRS and
the 'B' side set to a local repeater. So if you cal me on voice alert on
APRS I will hear you and we can QSY. But if you call me on 146.520 I more
than likely will not hear you.



Dave N0EOP


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The one thing interesting to this is you don't even need an APRS setup to
use this "service".  Listen to 144.39 PL 100 decode only and when you hear
packet using PL, switch to 52 and call CQ..

73 de Pat --- KA9SCF. 

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