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[aprssig] Is this APRS Spamming ??

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Apr 19 21:31:32 UTC 2007

> Although I think that report has crossed the line, 
> I would not want to see ham radio stores or hamfests 
> scared away from reporting their positions.  

The original APRSdos includes an overlay file of all such stores
including all radioshacks.  By just one-finger pressing the keys
M-O-S (Maps-Overlay-Stores) all of the stores would show up on
your map.  Drive right over and pick up what you need...

> I think someone well known and respected in APRS..
> should post a general guideline for hamstores/hamfests...

You bet, the concept of putting a HAM store on the map was all
part of the original APRS concept.  Remember, "tactical
situational awareness" was the whole concept of APRS...  But
"advertising and pushing product" seems to me to be across the


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