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Amir Findling sarlabs at twcny.rr.com
Thu Apr 19 17:08:19 CDT 2007

Last weekend I was traveling with my wife near Philly PA. She has a 
hybrid Toyota Highlander. I had a D7AG with a battery eliminator 
connected to the cigarette plug, my Garmin 60CSx also connected to the 
same plug and the cell phone connected to also the same plug plus a 
short mag mount antenna on the roof. This system worked well and I the 
grandchildren could follow our approach on the web. I received many 
signals, as I was curious I did not set a range. I received your signal 
too on Sunday towards noon but the weather was too bad to send anything. 
I was just lucky I managed to glance at the D7 at the right time. We 
were about 20 miles apart.

There was no interference, noise or otherwise problems with this setup. 
Sure I was not drawing much power with the HT but since it was a less 
than ideal setup, I thought you might want to know it worked well.

Good luck with the Prius.

73' de Amir K9CHP Member ARRL, AMSAT #36083
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Robert Bruninga wrote:
> There was some PRIUS discussion on the sig that I completely
> ignored.
> Last night my car blew up, and out of the blue, I am looking for
> a used car for my APRS addiction, and I was surprised to find
> PRIUS hybrids on the used market at comparable prices to other
> used cars.
> So what was the bottom line about PRIUS and APRS (and
> particualarly, I am interested in the PLUG-IN conversions...)?
> >From what I can tell, one would want a 2004 or later, since it
> has a CAN-BUS serial bus that you can tap into with your laptop
> and communiate with everything from the tailpipe to the engine.
> Bob, WB4APR
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