[aprssig] Prius

'Scott Miller' scott at opentrac.org
Thu Apr 19 17:21:12 CDT 2007

> across the  Prius  240V battery, you can extract a continuous 
> 10-15KW of 
> AC power ( ! ) from the Prius. Again, every time the battery 
> pack drops 
> to 210 VDC or so, the gas engine just starts up and recharges 
> it.   [And 
> the Prius gas engine at idle is virtually silent unlike most gensets.]

That's pretty cool.  15 kW = ~20 horsepower.  I think the Prius has a 78
horsepower engine, so that's about 25% efficiency.  Sounds decent, anyway -
anyone know how that compares to a 15 kW diesel generator?


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