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[aprssig] More OpenTracker+ info

'Scott Miller' scott at opentrac.org
Fri Apr 20 17:14:20 UTC 2007

I've had a few questions about the new kit, so here's some more information.

The OT+ is not the same as the Tracker2, and it's not intended to replace
it.  The Tracker2 will still have a lot more features (digi, Garmin support,
command console, hardware-based demodulator) and will be the more expensive
option.  The OT+ just replaces the original OpenTracker for users needing a
more basic tracker.  It does share a little of the T2's firmware, mostly the
APRS decoding stuff (for the 'anti-tracker' features) - minus altitude and
comment parsing.

The surface mount version (which hasn't been fully tested yet) should be
usable as a MIM substitute (at about half the price).  It has 9 inputs that
can be either analog (10-bit resolution) or digital.  It also has a Dallas
1-wire bus, extra timer channel (or digital I/O) pin, and outputs for two
LEDs.  Those could double as general I/O if needed.  There are a few more
unused I/O lines that could be brought out if I went to a larger board.

It's hard to gauge the size of the regular OT+ from the picture, but it's
about 1/2" longer than the OT1x.  The MCU is in an unusual 32-pin shrink-DIP
package with 0.07" lead pitch, so it's not really as big as it looks at
first glance.  The resistors are also 1/8 watt types, as opposed to the 1/4
watt resistors used in the older kits.

So far there's no remote control capability - just waypoint output - but
that's a possibility if the demodulator works out well enough.  And the
firmware is still open source, and will compile with the free version of the
CodeWarrior compiler, so you can always add your own code if you're
comfortable with C.

Oh, and since I wound up with a bunch of extra unprinted OT1x cases, I'm
having some perf boards (plated-through holes on 0.1" centers) made up to
fit them.  You could drop an OT+ SMT module in there and wire up your own
custom tracker with extra sensors, relays, or whatever.  Or you could just
use it as a DB9 breakout box or something.

Any other questions?  Suggestions for features?


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