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[aprssig] Weather questions

Earl Needham earl_needham at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 22 14:35:28 UTC 2007

         I am discovering that I need to download more shape 
files.  My install of UI-View32 has some shape files, mostly for the 
areas around my home, but now that I'm on the road, I guess I should 
try installing shape files for places where I go most.

         Some years ago, in the time before shape files, I combined 
data for the entire USA, put it in one zip file, and it was published 
on various APRS sites.  This allowed anybody to get warnings for the 
whole USA in one file, and it was simpler than downloading multiple 
files.  Is anything like this available anywhere?

         Next question -- what would be the best way to insure I get 
weather advisories, watches, and warnings for the area where I'm 
currently at?  Maybe a filter setting of t/nw or something?


KD5XB -- Earl Needham
Clovis, New Mexico DM84jk

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